Our Concept

A Voyage
Beyond The Peaks

DUE NORTH Air is for private twin-engine helicopter charter through Norway. The twin-engine AW169 has the latest-generation avionics and exceptional external visibility, ensuring the highest levels of safety. World-leading aviation safety personnel remain on-hand to ensure peace of mind, so you can focus on the voyage within.

With our AW169 helicopter you can journey off-piste, off the radar, deep into the Norwegian wilderness - whether you seek breathtaking sightseeing tours, seamless transportation or access to exceptional activities.

We offer helicopter charter from our bases in Bergen and Northern Norway (Tromsø/Hammerfest). The helicopter must be chartered for a minimum of 2 hours, calculated from the moment the helicopter leaves its base, until its return.

For every voyage, we work with you to chart a unique flight plan. We secure landing permits and take care of the details, so you can follow your own compass and explore the true North. Many clients choose the AW169 as the primary mode of transport. Others opt for a helicopter expedition. Our helicopter is also available for film shoots and other projects, offering unique personalization and co-branding opportunities. 

It’s Due North Air. For a voyage you can barely imagine; a journey you’ll never forget.

Minimum 2 hour flight time: NOK 205.000 incl. VAT.

Additional flight time: NOK 55.000 incl. VAT per hour (charged per 15 mins)

Looking for full flexibility? For an additional NOK 50.000, the helicopter will be remain on standby for up to 8 hours, during which you can make flexible use of your flight time.

Additional days: Please enquire

Experiential Travel Planning: Upon request