Specs & FAQs


Our AW169 is the only twin-engine helicopter for commercial use in Norway, featuring an enhanced anti-vibration system to deliver smooth take-off and landing, with dampeners installed beneath the rotors to reduce noise and vibration.

The 8-seater interior has been adapted for comfort, featuring wireless cabin control and dual-zone air conditioning. With the largest cabin in its class, the AW169 provides plenty of space, which can be adapted and customized to your specifications.

Each flight is led by two pilots, and - where required - a personal safety technician. Our pilots are some of the best qualified and most experienced in the world. Recruited fresh out of aviation academy by our partner, Airlift, they undergo at least eight years of specialist training, accruing on average 8,000 hours of flight time, before they can be considered as candidates to fly for us.

The cockpit combines a panel of latest-generation avionics with exceptional external visibility. This maximizes situational awareness and minimizes pilot workload during day and night operations, ensuring the highest levels of safety.

The AW169 meets Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR), and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) performance standards in every detail. It is flown by a range of civil authorities for technically challenging operations, as well as being a helicopter of choice for VIP services worldwide.


Minimum 2 hour flight time: NOK 205.000 incl. VAT.

Additional flight time: NOK 55.000 incl. VAT per hour (charged per 15 mins)

Looking for full flexibility? For an additional NOK 50.000, the helicopter will be remain on standby for up to 8 hours, during which you can make flexible use of your flight time.

Additional days: Please enquire

Experiential Travel Planning: Upon request